Gravity Plus

by Roberto Ortiz de Landazuri

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Gravity Plus

2018 Novelty
Rectangular desk made by 19 mm thick pine wood.
Sliding covers divided into two parts. Central oval handle made of DM with a thickness of 19mm with two cable glands inside.
A single drawer in pine wood. two vertical steel uprights with a thickness of 8 mm cut by laser.

Rectangular table:

2000x900x750mm or 2000x900x900mm sizes with structure made of whitened pine wood with varnish, sliding lids divided into two parts of DM white lacquered material and two vertical barrels in steel painted in white. Total height 750/900 mm, Working height up to drawer 650 mm.

Surface of DM lacquered in white with a thickness of 19mm. The connection of the drawer to the structure of the table is made by sliding, to facilitate its use. The drawer of the table is divided into two parts.

Beech Uprights:
2 mm thick sheet steel metal frame structure by laser cutting.

Made of pine wood with a 12 mm thick lacquer, with rounded edges and a radius at the corners of 2 mm. The joining of the uprights to the table structure is done by screws, to improve the stability of the structure.

A single drawer that covers the full width and build with pine wood of 12 mm of thickness and a fromt of DM lacquered in white of 19 mm with a circular handle and two grommets inside.


A 4 m / m Allen wrench (not included) is required for assembly.

REF: GRP207006 2000x900x750mm
REF: GRP209006 2000x900x900mm


Bespoke configurations and finishes please consult possibilities [email protected]


Ref: GRP207006 2000x900x750mm / GRP209006 2000x900x900mm



Designed by
Roberto Ortiz de Landazuri

With a degree from the Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM) in 2010, this young architect won the first AVP Architect View Products competition launched by Imasoto with his design Gravity. He recently founded the studio Architectureyes in Madrid.