New Gravity Plus: even more options

AVP by Imasoto presents one of its main novelties in 2018: Gravity Plus



AVP by Imasoto presents one of its main novelties in 2018: Gravity Plus, a new model of the iconic design by Roberto Ortiz de Landázuri.


New Gravity Plus is a creation that expands the previous model possibilities. AVP offers an elegant, functional and multidisciplinary table, designed to make the most of an office, workplace or a versatile space that requires true dynamic and sophisticated furniture.


Gravity Plus is a rectangular desk with a structure made of thick pine wood whose dimensions are 2000x900 mm. Its main feature is the sliding surface, made of white lacquered DM. The surface is divided into two parts by an oval handle.


If you open the desk this way, it gets bigger, but also it hiddens a single drawer that covers the full surface width. Two cable glands inside the desk ease working on Gravity Plus without forgetting about design.


Two elegant white lacquered steel trestles support Gravity Plus, making the desk even more dynamic thanks to their contrast with the wood. The total height of this rectangular desk is 750 mm or 900 mm, depending on the model chosen or the needs of the space.


AVP by IMASOTO offers various finishes for the new Gravity Plus. The top is available in six different colours: pine lacquered in white, oak, ash grey, green, chocolate and cherry marsala. The structure itself is available in white, black or metallic grey.


Gravity Plus, designed by Roberto Ortiz de Landázuri, is a versatile table that covers all the needs of a professional space that looks for functionality but, also, maximum elegance and a contemporary touch.

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