Best of Houzz 2016 Design. Home Office Award

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We received the Best of Houzz 2016 Design award in the Home Office section. When we started Imasoto's new product line called AVP (Architect View Products), we wanted to offer contemporary pieces and furniture with a clear architectural vision and a differentiating design that would add value.

All the pieces of the AVP line have been designed by different architects that, with their talent and creativity, have contributed to create a careful collection of pieces that make our “home office” space closer and more creative. We can say that we have won the "Best of Houzz 2016 Design" award thanks to all of them.

We want to thank especially to our friend Pedro Feduchi, architect and designer of Tray and Tray Bureau collection; thanks to his work and his personal involvement with the entire Imasoto team. As a result of his professional experience and his creative work, Tray has gained international recognition from the very first moment, winning the prestigious "If Design Award 2012".

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    Posted on 22 January at 10:38

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    ARYA STARK (not verified)
    Posted on 22 February at 03:11

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