AVP in Casa Decor 2017

The biggest interior design event in Spain



From May 10 to June 18, AVP will be present in Casa Decor, the most important interior design event in Spain. In this special 25th anniversary edition, three of our furniture pieces are part of the Press Room by Red, one of the most visited spaces in the exhibition.

This press room has been curated by RED (Reunión de Empresas de Diseño español) designed by the Barcelona studio Kiwi Bravo and produced by Imasoto. There you will find three of our most characteristic products that represent the AVP philosophy: Gravity, Siamoo and Arboreum.

Gravity is a table, designed by Roberto Ortiz de Landazuri, which breaks down the barriers between office and home. The combination of its pine wood surface and its light supports, made of white lacquered steel, along with the user-adjustable shelves, make Gravity an elegant table that can be included in any space.

Siamoo is the blend of two different stools, the industrial one and the domestic one, created by David Casino y Bernardo Angelini. The result is a double-function piece of furniture, seat and table, which makes an impact in the space where it is placed thanks to the strong personality of each of its parts.

Arboreum is an occasional piece of furniture designed by Joachim Kraft. Arboreum captures the spirit of architects furniture and can be composed in different ways depending on user needs,which makes it an example of the functional philosophy of AVP.

To be part of Casa Decor 2017 in its 25th anniversary is a great honour for AVP. The exhibition takes place in a stately home with 2800m2, a typical building of Madrid's bourgeois architecture from the beginning of the last century. It is placed in Los Jeronimos, one of the most exclusive districts in Madrid.

During 40 days, about 40.000 attendees will visit the exhibition. Up to 800 journalists and bloggers will attend the Press Room by RED, because there press conferences, lectures and other activities during the event will take place. This space will become one of the main places for networking and socialising between the attendees. If you are planning to attend Casa Decor,

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